Posted August 5, 2019

Real-time recognition of music from audio streams

A month ago we built and tested real-time music recognition service for audio streams. Now we're ready to present it publicly.

From mid-July, TopHit (Wikipedia) uses our API to recognize music from hundreds of audio streams. Guys from TopHit are pleased with the quality of our music recognition service.

The API is very simple: a client provides an URL for webhooks and then can add (by posting url and id of a stream), edit, delete or lists all the streams. Our server listens to the streams and sends webhooks with info about the songs being played (and about streams availability).

The service costs $45 per audio stream if you use our music DB containing 43 million songs or $25 per audio stream if you upload your own songs DB (you can provide just audios IDs, you don't have to send any titles, names or other metadata).

To use our music recognition services or to ask any questions, please contact [email protected].