Posted April 29, 2020

Discord bot

There are a lot of Discord bots for playing music. Many are able to play streams. You can tell them to %play and enjoy cool music.

But what if you want to know what’s the song playing? There was no simple way to recognize songs from Discord voice channels before.

So we’ve made an open-source bot that you can easily run yourself. Just get Discord and AudD tokens and go run main.go. Then add the bot to a server and have fun!

The bot has 2 commands: !listen and !song (aka !recognize).

To recognize a song from a voice channel, type !song or !recognize. The bot will listen to 15 seconds of audio and recognize the song.

It's better to mention users who are playing the music (like !song @SomeRandomMusicBot).

You can also type !listen, and bot will listen to a channel before you typed !song (better !song @SomeRandomMusicBot), so it can immediately recognize the song from the last 15 second of audio, when you type !song later.