Posted December 28, 2020

Subscription auto-renewals

You can now turn on the auto-renewal of your subscription on the Dashboard.

Important: We decided to automatically renew subscriptions of those users who send requests after their subscription ends. That would help you avoid interruptions in the service. We know that many of our customers don't use Telegram a lot, and therefore they don't receive messages from our Telegram bot. It leads to many accidental losses of access to the API because some customers only renew their subscriptions when they get errors from the API.

If you don't send any API requests in two days after your subscription period has ended and haven't manually enabled the auto-renewals, we won't automatically renew your subscription, and you'll get unsubscribed.

If you want to unsubscribe but aren't able to stop sending requests, please let us know.

If you get charged for a future subscription without wanting to, please let us know, and we'll fully refund the payment.